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Brokeback Humor Rides The Comedy Trail

(from USA Today, January 25, 2006): Ridin', ropin', redecoratin' and jokin' on the late shows. Comedians have been having a field day with Brokeback Mountain. A sampling of their ranch-hand humor:

Conan O'Brien--
"Today, the controversial new movie Brokeback Mountain opens, about two gay cowboys. Apparently, you can tell the characters are gay because they're dressed like cowboys."


Jay Leno--
"Hey, just a week to go until Elton John's wedding. You know where Elton's honeymooning? Brokeback Mountain."

"A movie theater in Utah abruptly canceled a screening of the movie Brokeback Mountain. They felt it was inappropriate for the community standards. Instead they ran Deliverance."

"Ninety percent of men say their lover is also their best friend. Which has got to be a big surprise to their wives. 'Hey, hon, I'm going over to Bob's. We're catching the 10 o'clock showing of Brokeback Mountain. Don't wait up.' "


David Letterman--
Top 10 Signs You Are a Gay Cowboy

10. Your saddle is Versace.
9. Instead of Home on the Range, you sing It's Raining Men
8. You enjoy ridin', ropin' and redecoratin'.
7. Sold your livestock to buy tickets to Mamma Mia!
6. After watching reruns of Gunsmoke, you have to take a cold shower.
5. Native Americans refer to you as Dances With Men.
4. You've been lassoed more times than most steers.
3. You're wearing chaps, yet your "ranch" is in Chelsea.
2. Instead of a saloon, you prefer a salon.
1. You love riding, but you don't have a horse.


On Saturday Night Live, crusty gay prospectors Alec Baldwin and Will Forte appeared in Brokeback Goldmine, sniffing each other's long johns and turning down a prostitute.


Nathan Lane--
Sample lyrics from the spoof Brokeback: The Musical, by Nathan Lane on Late Night with David Letterman:

(To the tune of Oklahoma!)

Lane: "Broooooookeback Mountain
Where those jolly ranchers disappeared
In the tent to sleep, after driving sheep
When the fire went out, then things got weird."

(To the tune of You're the Top)

Gay Cowboy No. 1: "You're the top ..."
Lane: "You're the chaw that I chew ..."
Gay Cowboy No. 2: "You're the top ..."
Lane: "I wish I could quit you.
"You're a rodeo queen, in denim jeans and shirt.
"You're an Indian chief, you're John Wayne's briefs.
"You're such a flirt."


Top Gun receives a Brokeback makeover as Tom Cruise gazes longingly at his wing man in Brokeback Squadron (

Nashville comics Travis and Jonathan do their good ol' boy version of SCTV's Bob and Doug McKenzie while reviewing Brokeback Mountain (

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